CLAS All College Faculty Meeting Presentation

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Changing of the Guard

Categories: Updates

A number of new department chairs and program directors will be starting in the 2014-15 Academic Year:

  • Joanne Robinson, Chair of Religious Studies
  • Stephanie Moller Smith, Chair of Sociology
  • Shannon Sullivan, Chair of Philosophy
  • Katie Hogan, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Julian Montoro-Rodriguez, Director of Gerontology

Stepping down on the last day of the 2013-14 Academic Year will be:

  • Ann Gonzalez (Interim Chair of Philosophy)
  • Dena Shenk (Director of Gerontology program)
  • James Tabor (Chair of Religious Studies)
  • Lisa Walker (Chair of Sociology)
  • Paula Eckard (Interim Director of Women’s and Gender Studies)